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Why I started smoking weed???

timthumb (1)Everyone that gets into drugs or some other destructive habit start for a reason. It doesn’t just happen out of nowhere.

It starts with something. Either it’s to have fun, or just to see how it feels or because they are depressed or something horrible happened and they want to escape. Or maybe it is the please a friend or boyfriend or girlfriend.

Either way, everything starts somewhere. And when it comes to drugs and alcohol and other things of that nature, it is much better to stop before it starts. Don’t wait until it gets out of control to say enough.

Before things go down hill, you can already make your decision to say no. It’s like they say “just say no”.

Sometimes all it takes is one time for things to get out of control and become extremely hard to stop. It is better, not to start in the first place. That curiosity can kill you. Better to never know how some things feel.

For example, would you like to know how cancer feels, just for the sake of it? Of course not. That is something you would rather not know. But many times we want to know how deadly, dangerous things feel, and that is not smart. We don’t need to try everything!


I have NEVER tried heroin and I don’t want to know how it feels!

You must stop allowing pressure, or curiosity or anything else to lead you to destruction.

It’s your life… You choose.

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